NKS Rogaland welcomes you all to the Norwegian Chemical
Society’s new year’s party on Friday January 17th at 18.30. It will be
held at the IKBM lunch area at Kjølv Egelands hus (C wing), UiS. Tapas from Matsalen is
served at 19.00.

After dinner we will listen to Stian Solvær Øyvann
from Norsk Medisinsk Syklotronsenter give a lecture he has titled «A Career in Engineering». He has previously worked at GE Healthcare at
Lindesnes and at a research vessel in the Antarctic ocean,
and I believe he will provide us with a very interesting talk.

Please sign up by sending an email to vebjorn.eikemo@uis.no before January 15th. This year’s party is FREE OF CHARGE.